Fiscal Note

The primary goal of Approval Voting legislation is to lawfully direct the Secretary of State to set rules for the use of the Approval Voting Method in public elections.

If the bill were to pass, then the Office of the Secretary of State would need to expend time doing the research and rule setting work.

In 2014 in regards to House Bill 1062 [HB14-1062], a Fiscal Note was authored by the Legislative Council.

The first year forecast shows a $87K expenditure for one full time person in the office of the Secretary of State; followed by $26.6K for a half time SoS employee in the first subsequent year. The total one time cost of creating rules for the implementation of Approval Voting, and then preparing a report on subsequently use was projected in 2014 as $113,695.00.

Our Approval Voting bill HB17-1281 instructs the Secretary of State to create rules and procedures for Approval Voting elections for use in elections after November 1st of 2017.
Local election supervisors in counties, cities/towns, and special districts need election rules from the Colorado Secretary of State.
Home Rule communities may already use Approval Voting without SoS rules, but find them valuable.
Approval Voting for Colorado seeks additional rules, not a change to existing rules.
Use of Approval Voting will be strictly voluntary by communities and districts that want to try it.