What would the ballot change look like?

Ballots would look the same as they do now. Any Colorado ballot using Approval Voting would have no layout differences from existing ballots. The change is in the instructions. Currently are told to “Vote for One Only”; Approval Voting permits votes for any and all candidates or choices. The assembly of and how an Approval Voting ballot is created is no different than any current choose-one plurality ballot. The Help America Vote Act required all elections systems to standardize what voters see and use. Currently, voters see a list of choices, but are asked to “Vote for One”, thus limiting voter expression. Using precisely the same ballot, Approval Voting would permit the voter to make more than one choice.

Jonathan Singer's Approval Voting bill HB17-1281 in 2017 was our last legislative attempt to instruct the Secretary of State to create rules and procedures for Approval Voting elections. Now in 2019 we are led to believe that the new administration of Jena Griswold has an interest in supporting alternative voting methods, including Approval Voting.
Local election supervisors in counties, cities/towns, and special districts need election rules from the Colorado Secretary of State.
Home Rule communities may already use Approval Voting without SoS rules, but find them valuable.
Approval Voting for Colorado seeks additional rules, not a change to existing rules.
Use of Approval Voting will be strictly voluntary by communities and districts that want to try it.